Wellness Exams for Pets in Zion, IL

Wellness Exams for Pets in Zion, IL

When you bring your four-legged friend in for regular wellness exams, you prevent serious medical conditions from arising. If you have a puppy or kitten, schedule an appointment with us during their first few months of life to receive vaccinations, testing, parasite prevention, and a nose-to-tail physical. As your pet grows into adulthood, they require the same type of veterinary care, but on a maintenance level. Senior pets should see us biannually to receive thorough check-ups including testing, since they develop medical conditions quicker in some instances. Regardless of your pet’s individual needs, we provide customized wellness care and pet exams for Zion families and surrounding areas.

To book a wellness exam for your pet call us at (224) 304-0668 or use our online form!

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Purchase an Affordable, Inclusive Wellness Care Package

Wellness care isn’t just nice for your pet’s health. By preventing concerns from becoming serious conditions that require costly treatment, you also make veterinary care more affordable. At Gray Animal Hospital, we’ve gone one step further to help our clients provide their pets with regular wellness by offering comprehensive wellness care packages. For a low monthly price, your pet will receive unlimited office visits, preventative treatment, and discounts on any other products and services.

Puppy Wellness Packages

Puppies are still building immunities, so they are often susceptible to contagious diseases. Once they receive vaccinations, we’ll recommend additional boosters every month for a complete series. Other preventive care we’ll provide includes testing for parasites and heartworm.

Adult Dog Wellness Packages

Keep your dog healthy throughout their most active years to their golden with a wellness package. Our dog wellness packages include testing and preventative care regardless of what stage your adult pup is in. For seniors, we offer additional testing for a full check-up on their health.

Kitten Wellness Packages

Like puppies, kittens are vulnerable to contagious diseases and parasites. With a kitten wellness package, you’ll protect them with vaccinations and receive testing for parasites. We also offer spay or neuter surgery at an affordable rate to help prevent unwanted pregnancies and more.

Adult Cat Wellness Packages

Due to natural instinct, cats are very good at hiding discomfort making wellness care that much more important. Cats require regular parasite screening and up-dates on their vaccinations. Annual dental cleanings prevent painful gum disease. Ask us for more information!