Pet Laser Therapy in Zion, IL

Pet Laser Therapy in Zion, IL

Laser therapy has been clinically shown to regenerate cells, nerve tissue, and increase blood flow in humans and pets. Used as a sports injury treatment before being used on pets, laser therapy is perfect to speed recovery on surgical incisions or other healing areas. As an effective drug-free alternative to pain medication, pet laser therapy is also great to alleviate conditions like arthritis or joint issues. Plus, the short, simple therapy sessions are relaxing for pets. We want only the best for our patients and their people in Zion and surrounding areas. The advanced capabilities of laser therapy help us provide them with one of the best physical therapy treatments available.

Conditions Pet Laser Therapy Treats & Alleviates

From aches and pains to post-surgical regeneration, pet laser therapy does it all. When we use powerful wavelengths of light to penetrate past the surface of your pet’s skin, cells are stimulated and regenerated. This leads to many benefits, including pain relief and a decrease in inflammation, making it an excellent choice for painful or chronic conditions. Some of the things it helps alleviate:

  • Muscle strains and sprains are soothed for rapid recovery.
  • Pain and inflammation from chronic arthritis is managed and alleviated.
  • The degenerative effects of joint disease are lessened.
  • Post-surgical areas are healed more rapidly.
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Bring Your Pet in for Relaxing, Brief Laser Therapy Sessions

Apart from the pain-relieving regenerative effects of laser therapy, the sessions are just plain relaxing for your four-legged friend. When light from our laser penetrates your dog or cat’s body, they actually help release feel-good endorphins. You won’t be able to pull your pet away from the warm, soothing sensation of laser therapy sessions! Since the effects are so powerful, we only need a small amount of time to help stimulate cellular growth. Sessions last anywhere from three to 20 minutes in length. We determine the length of sessions on many factors, including how thick your pet’s fur is, the condition we’re treating, and the severity. For any more information please contact us, or schedule your pet’s visit today!