Pet Parasite Prevention in Zion

Pet Parasite Prevention in Zion, IL

Pests and parasites can be more than a nuisance for your pet! Some carry diseases while others irritate the skin or cause dysfunctions that affect your pet’s wellbeing. Keeping up with pet parasite prevention not only helps your pet live a more fulfilling life, but protects their health.

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Flea and Tick Prevention

Two of the most common pests are fleas and ticks. Both are external parasites that feed off your pet’s skin. Fleas live in your pet’s fur and can be easily spread from pet to pet. A pet with flea allergies will suffer even more as the flea bites will cause dermatitis, a severe skin irritation.

Ticks are a different beast, and tend to bite once, take their fill and leave. However, that one bite can be dangerous. Ticks carry a range of diseases that can be transferred to your pet, with the most common being Lyme disease. Prevention is key to protecting your pet from these pesky pests.

Dog Heartworm Prevention


Heartworms are another parasite that operate internally. Infected mosquitos transfer them when they bite your pet. The worms gather in your pet’s heart and blood vessels of the lungs, and mature there over a period of about 6 months. The severity of heartworm infection varies, and sometimes your pet will have little or no symptoms.

Preventive Measures

A range of options exist to provide your pet with the right preventive measures for their needs. By avoiding infection all together, your pet can live a more care-free and happy life.

For flea and tick prevention, we offer:

  • Seresto collar which repels fleas and ticks for 8 months
  • Bravecto, available as either a chew for dogs or topical for cats
  • Nexgard chews
  • Frontline, a monthly topical for both cats and dogs

For heartworms, we also offer a range of preventive products:

  • Heartgard chews for dogs
  • Sentinel tablets and chews for dogs
  • Revolution, a topical for cats

Check out our pet parasite prevention options on our online store!

Parasite Prevention for Cats