Meet Our Team in Zion

Our Team in Zion, IL

Tonya Gray

DVM, Owner

Dr. Tonya Gray received her Doctorate of Veterinary Medicine from the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign in 1998. Her areas of interest include dentistry, having completed extensive training from the University of Wisconsin Madison, and emergency surgery. She holds professional memberships with the Chicago Veterinary Medical Association (CVMA), the American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA), and the Illinois State Veterinary Medical Association (ISVMA).

Dr. Gray chose her career path for the love of science and pets. She knew veterinary medicine was the right fit since high school and enjoys nurturing close, longtime bonds with families as they care for pets. Her most rewarding experience in her career is opening Zion’s first animal hospital and offering residents affordable veterinary care that’s also state-of-the-art.

Dr. Gray married her husband Rick the same year she started veterinary school. Raising their three sons, Ricky, Derrick, and Benjamin, is her greatest life accomplishment. When she’s not busy helping pets and their families, she’s cooking for hers, watching her sons play sports, weight training, or running – she recently ran her first half-marathon.

Vicki Behrens

Veterinary Technician

Vicki received her Bachelor’s degree in Nursing from Marquette University and is a Registered Nurse in the state of Wisconsin. At an early age, she learned about wildlife rehabilitation from her father, and has always enjoyed the company of pets. For Vicki, the most rewarding part about working at Gray Animal Hospital is helping people learn how to care for their fur babies. She and her husband Pete have twin sons, Matthew and Joshua, along with one dog and eight cats (many of whom are very geriatric). In her free time, Vicki enjoys gardening and construction. Her greatest life accomplishment is raising two wonderful boys.

Cindy Tippet


Cindy is excited to be at Gray Animal Hospital and she looks forward to working with our team and our patients. What she finds most rewarding about her position is being able to work with so many great people and helping in any way she can—she’s a people person, and she loves helping others. Cindy married her high school sweetheart, Jeff, and they now have three grown children and three grandchildren. She’s extremely proud of them, and could not ask for a better reward in life. Cindy and her husband also have two pets; a Yellow Lab named Phoebe and a male Butterfly Betta named Fin. She loves spending time with her family, along with doing needlework, babysitting her grandkids and watching the Chicago Blackhawks.

Carri Bohringer

Veterinary Technician

Carri worked as a veterinary technician for 17 years before joining Gray Animal Hospital. She has always loved animals, having grown up around dogs and horses. She entered the veterinary field after her children started school, and now gets to enjoy helping animals and their owners on a daily basis. Carri and her husband, Randy, have three grown children who are all married, and three grandchildren (so far). Their four-legged family members include Ozzie and Macy, two Airedale Terriers. Carri’s proudest accomplishment is raising three amazing kids. When she’s not at work, she enjoys working in the yard, watching her grandkids, cooking, and singing.

Courtney McManama

Veterinary Technician

Courtney has always enjoyed helping and caring for animals, having grown up with dogs and cats her entire life. It only seemed natural for her to enter the veterinary field and spend five years training to become a veterinary technician. For Courtney, one of the most rewarding parts of being on the Gray Animal Hospital team is being able to help clients and their pets with any medical needs they have. She and her partner share their home with their three dogs, Murphy, Elsa and Toby, and two cats, Kitty and Frank. Courtney’s proudest accomplishment is starting a family with her partner. Outside of work, she loves being outdoors, traveling, watching movies, and spending time with her family.

Katie Johnson

Veterinary Technician/Assistant

Katie originally worked at a publishing company for 22 years, then spent the next 10 in various office jobs. When she saw a job opening for a veterinary assistant, she jumped at the chance to try something different, and has loved it ever since. She also recently became certified in veterinary dental prophy. For Katie, seeing sick animals recover from their illness and live to an old age is one of the most rewarding aspects of her career. She has three dogs of her own; Schatzi, an English Mastiff; Chico, a Chihuahua/Pomeranian mix; and Hazel, a Pug mix. Katie has been married for 26 years to her husband, a firefighter, who plans to retire soon. They have two beautiful grown daughters. In her spare time, Katie enjoys reading, being with her family, and going to craft fairs.

Angelica Marmol

Veterinary Technician

Angelica began as an assistant at an exotic animal hospital and absolutely loved it. So, she continued her education and received her associate’s degree in science for veterinary technician and her CVT license. She loves being able to help animals in her job and some of her greatest achievements involve animals, too, including completing a volunteer program in Costa Rica that dealt with saving Howler Monkeys.

Outside of work, she enjoys movies, particularly Eat, Pray, Love and the Secret Life of Walter Mitty. She also enjoys sushi and pizza, but maybe not together! She shares her home with an American Eskimo, Lobo, a Silky Terrier, Brownie, as well as an African Gray Parrot, Echo.

Jocelyn Joyce

Veterinary Assistant

Jocelyn has always been around a lot of animals and loves every minute of it! She pursued her dream to help animals in need by going for her veterinary assistant certificate, and now working with us where she loves getting to interact with all sorts of animals.

She is married to her husband, Louie, and they have one daughter, Elizabeth as well as a few furry kids! They have a Cocker Spaniel, Bella, a Texas Heeler, Hercules, an American Eskimo, Zuzu, and a bunny named Charlie. In her spare time, her hobbies include ceramics as well as going to the park with her daughter, and watching her favorite move, Pride and Prejudice.

Ashley McFarland

Veterinary Technician

Ashley has wanted to be a veterinarian since she was a kid. Working with animals brings her joy and helping them feel better is so rewarding. Ashley holds a BS degree in Zoology from Southern Illinois University in Carbondale, IL. In her current role, she loves forming a bond with owners and their pets, as well as contributing to client education.

Brenda Munoz

Veterinary Technician

Brenda has always wanted to work in the animal care industry since she was young. She is certified as a veterinary assistant and is currently enrolled in a course to become a certified veterinary technician. Her favorite part about her job is having the opportunity to help animals that are sick.

Brenda and her husband have three pets including Lobo, a German Shepherd, Tinkerbell, a Maltepoo, and Miso, a Holland Lop bunny. In her spare time, she enjoys painting (using acrylic, watercolor, and oils), going to concerts, and watching action movies.

Monica Cordero

Veterinary Assistant

Monica decided on a career in veterinary medicine due to the passion she has for animals. She believes that her greatest life accomplishment so far has been to professionally work for the care of animals.

At home, Monica lives with her family, Alex, Alex Jr., and Kassandra, as well as their pets, Diesel, a German Shepherd, and Guillermo, a green checkered bird. When she has time, Monica enjoys reading, spending time with her family, and exercising.

Morgan Schenk


Morgan loves animals and is happy to have the opportunity to work with them! She enjoys hearing people’s stories and knowing that she and the team are helping their animals.

She and her boyfriend, Primo, met at work and have been together since. They have a Siamese cat named Kitty and a blue Beta fish named Cash. Morgan enjoys being outside, whether it’s riding motorcycles, bicycling, going for a walk, or just sitting outside. One thing she absolutely loves is tacos!