Pet Microchipping in Zion, IL

Dog Microchip in Zion, IL

You love your pet like a member of your family and likely look after them like so. Did you know it only takes a second for them to slip through a cracked door? Maybe the call of the wild is too much to handle, or a squirrel caught their eye. When you microchip your dog or cat, you dramatically increase the chances they’ll be returned home in case they become lost. In fact, according to a study published by the Journal of American Veterinary Medical Association, microchipped pets who found their way to animal shelters were returned to their owners in much larger amounts than non-microchipped pets. At Gray Animal Hospital, we encourage our clients in Zion and all surrounding areas to provide this safeguard for their pets, and give themselves peace of mind by going through our pet microchipping procedure.

Register Your Contact Info for Rescue Workers

The best part about microchipping your dog or cat is that your contact information will be electronically linked to them in case they become lost. Once they’re microchipped, we’ll register your pet with an electronic database that includes your name, address, and contact numbers. It’s important that you keep this information updated online, and we’re happy to walk you through this easy process. If the unthinkable happens, most animal rescue workers and veterinarians have a scanner capable of reading the unique identification number attached to your pet’s microchip. They can then look the number up in their electronic database and contact you promptly.

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Add the Simple Procedure onto Any Other Service

Because pet microchipping is a relatively simple procedure that will endure throughout your pet’s lifetime, we can easily add it onto any of our other services. We inject a microchip the size of a grain of rice just under the skin between their shoulder blades. The procedure is so fast and painless that no anesthesia is required, and your pet will be nearly instantaneously identified by veterinary practices and animal shelters. Ask us about our wellness care plans that include valuable discounts on microchipping and other essential services. For any more information about microchipping and how we work to keep pets safe, happy, and healthy please contact us.