Gray Animal Hospital is Your Exotic Vet in Zion

Exotic Vet in Zion, IL
Owner holding his small bird

While we specialize in and mainly service cats and dogs, our extensive experience and state-of-the-art animal hospital makes us equipped to practice exotic vet care. Our owner and practicing veterinarian Dr. Tonya Gray has worked with avians, rabbits, pocket pets, and reptiles. Exotic animals can be very sensitive to their environment and many of them hide pain very well because they had to survive in the wild. If you have an exotic pet, we encourage you to bring them in for a complete exam once you acquire them and stay current with their wellness care. With our commitment to quality veterinary care for Zion residents, we’re excited to treat whatever four-legged, two legged, or no-legged friend you have.

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Caring for Birds

To test for parasites and run other health screenings, it’s important to bring birds in for annual wellness check-ups. With the use of our in-house laboratory, we’re able to run bloodwork to check for any unusual levels indicating medical conditions. The sooner you bring a new bird in for a wellness screening the better because our initial blood tests give us a baseline to measure their future levels.

Caring for Rabbits & Other Small Mammals

If you have a pet rabbit, you will want to have them spayed or neutered for their behavioral and medical well-being. The chances of female rabbits developing uterine cancer is markedly increased if they forego being spayed. In male rabbits, neutering is recommended to reduce likely behavioral problems that develop when they’re left in-tact.

For rabbits and other small mammals, like pocket pets and ferrets, it’s important to bring them in for annual wellness care. If you have a new pet, we recommend you bring them in for a thorough physical along with nutritional and environmental counseling. Pocket pets are sometimes even more sensitive to improper diets and their habitat. It’s also important to note that these animals are very uneasy in disruptive environments because they are naturally prey animals.

Little girl hugging her bunny

Caring for Reptiles

Animals like snakes, gecko, and bearded dragons require the right elements to help them thrive. We can counsel you on their habitat, and what or any special UVB light they may need. Some reptiles, like iguanas, may need to be spayed to prevent reproductive diseases.

For any more information about exotic pet care, please call us at (224) 304-0668 or book an appointment online. We’re here to keep all pets happy and healthy.