Cat and Dog Vaccinations in Zion, IL to Keep Them Safe

Cat and Dog Vaccinations in Zion, IL

Like humans, pets are vulnerable to dangerous and highly contagious diseases if they remain unvaccinated. Rabies is required by law because it’s prevalent in wildlife; Pets can contract the disease through an altercation and pass it onto humans. Other than protecting them against diseases, cat and dog vaccinations keep them from spreading. Because of the use of effective vaccines, diseases like feline panleukopenia are no longer such a threat. To give our patients in Zion and surrounding communities optimal protection, we administer both core vaccines and lifestyle ones, which are contingent on your pet’s activities.

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Necessary Cat and Dog Vaccinations at Our Animal Hospital

Some vaccines are considered “core” by the greater veterinary community because they are considered the bare minimum to keep pets healthy and disease free. Because of the area we live in, we go one step further at Gray Animal Hospital and vaccinate all our dog patients against Lyme disease. Since there is a higher occurrence of infection around the Great Lakes, vaccination prevents ongoing health problems associated with the disease. Necessary cat and dog vaccinations at our animal hospital:

  • Dogs are administered a distemper vaccine that protects from four diseases in one.
  • Dogs are administered a Lyme vaccine and a booster to follow.
  • Dogs are vaccinated against Bordetella (kennel cough).
  • Dogs are vaccinated against leptospirosis every year due to positive cases in our area.
  • Cats are vaccinated against feline distemper including panleukopenia.
  • Dogs and cats are vaccinated against rabies.
Dog Vaccinations at Our Animal Hospital

Giving Your Pet Additional Protection and Following a Schedule

Depending on your pet’s lifestyle and other animals they may come in contact with, we might recommend additional cat and dog vaccinations for complete protection. Puppies and kittens are the most susceptible of contracting viral and bacterial diseases, so bringing them in for follow-up boosters and sticking to a vaccination schedule is important. Some points to keep in mind when trying to give your pet complete protection:

  • Outdoor cats should be vaccinated against Feline Leukemia.
  • Dogs who frequent dog parks may benefit from the canine influenza vaccine.
  • We recommend that puppies and kittens receive vaccinations during their first few months of life and boosters monthly until they’re about four months old.
  • As your pet grows into adulthood, they should update vaccinations every 1 to 3 years.

Please call us at (224) 304-0668 with any additional questions about cat and dog vaccinations we offer. You can also book an appointment using our online form. For the love of pets, every patient, every visit is equally important.