Dog & Cat Teeth Cleaning in Zion, IL

Dog Dentist in Zion, IL

If you have a younger pet, it may be hard to think of their glistening canines as needing professional cleanings and daily care. In fact, pets require the same attention to dental care as humans. They should have their teeth professionally cleaned annually and brushed daily. The American Veterinary Dental College cites that by three years old, most pets are suffering from symptoms of gum disease. In its most severe form, gum disease can cause bone loss and damage to internal organs. Because we care deeply for our patients in Zion and surrounding areas, we work to keep teeth and gums healthy through preventative pet dental care and some of the best practices in veterinary medicine.

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How We Keep Your Pet’s Mouth Healthy

During every dental procedure at Gray Animal Hospital, your pet is safely sedated under the care of a dedicated anesthesiologist. Then, we perform a thorough oral exam along with X-rays to check for broken or decayed teeth, abscesses or other signs of infection and irritation. Before we perform any extensive treatment, we will call you right away to keep you fully informed. Sometimes pets suffer from painful dental issues in silence because of their high pain tolerance and survival instincts. Other things dental procedures involve:

  • Your pet may need to have teeth extracted or gum disease surgically removed.
  • Stubborn tartar builds up on teeth and is the cause of gum disease. We remove this with ultrasonic scaling equipment.
  • To help prevent bacteria and tartar from building up on teeth again, we smoothly polish the surface.
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Only the Safest Dental Practices for Valued Family Members

Your pet’s complete safety and comfort are top priorities during any procedure at our hospital. Because we’re committed to high safety standards, we require pre-anesthetic bloodwork and a full physical before any dental is scheduled with us. Please keep the following in mind about our dental services:

  • Refrain from giving your pet any food or water the night before a procedure.
  • After you drop your pet off, they will receive a second full physical.
  • With state-of-the-art equipment, your pet’s blood pressure, heart rate, and oxygen levels will be closely monitored.
  • As we keep your pet soothed as they come out of anesthesia, one of our technicians will schedule a pick-up time with you.
  • You will receive detailed after care instructions at the time of pick up, and we will schedule a follow up exam at no extra cost.

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