Why You Should Microchip Your Dog in Zion, IL

It’s happened. Your worst nightmare. Your new highly active puppy just sprinted out of the front door and you couldn’t stop him. Now he’s running down the road weaving around houses and thinking that his taste of freedom is a fun little game. You’re sprinting trying to catch up and your heart is beating so fast worrying about his safety. Then, he disappears. It’s getting dark. You have no way to keep looking for him. So, you head home with a sinking feeling in your stomach and start posting on social media hoping to be reunited with your pup. If you haven’t microchipped your dog, there’s a chance that if he’s found and taken to a shelter, you won’t be made aware and he’ll be lost forever.

Benefits of Microchipping Your Dog

Dog microchips are a great piece of technology that are used to be able to trace the owner of a lost dog. Studies show that dogs who were microchipped were 2.5 times more likely to be returned home than dogs without.

There are countless stories of dogs who have wandered off and walked farther than you would believe. Hundreds of miles. Think about how many shelters are in your area. Is it feasible to call each one daily to see if your dog has been turned in? If you really think about it, no. You’d have much more success if your dog was microchipped.

Dog Microchipping in Zion, IL

How Dog Microchips Work

These tiny devices are inserted under the skin via a needle and are painless and fairly inexpensive. Depending on your vet and model, they typically cost around $50. For many people, the peace of mind is completely worth the small cost.

Each microchip has a unique identification number that is matched up with your contact information. They only thing you need to do is update your information if it ever changes. A major benefit of the dog microchip is that collars can fall or break off and a microchip is a permanent fixture on your dog.

Every year, more technology is developed in regard to microchips. Right now, there are dog doors that only open when they sense the microchip. That means your dog can let himself out whenever he wants, but no clever critters can get into your home. There are also feeders that sense the microchip and dispense food for the chip.

Dog Microchips are Not Tracking Devices

It should be noted that microchips are not trackers. So, if your dog goes missing you can’t look at an app and follow a beeping red dot until you get to your dog. They are simply a way to reunite owner and pup should the microchip be scanned. The microchip is also permanent and will last your pet’s lifetime. A lifetime of knowing your pet has a way home is worth it to most people.

Talk to Your Vet About Dog Microchipping in Zion, IL

You can talk to your veterinarian about different dog microchip options and their various technologies. Once you’ve decided on an option that’s best for you, you can proceed with having it inserted into your dog. The procedure takes just a few minutes and your dog will feel no more pain than a shot. It’s highly recommended that you microchip any and all of your pets. Call Gray Animal Hospital at (224) 304-0668 today to have your dog microchipped!