Why is My Dog Excessively Drooling in Zion, IL?

Do you have a dog? Have they been drooling a lot recently? Is this normal behavior, or is it something to worry about? Many dog owners worry about the amount of drool their dogs produce, but most of the time, this issue isn’t a cause for concern.

With that said, however, excessive drooling in dogs may sometimes be related to underlying health problems. In the article below, we’ll help you understand more about your dog’s drooling behavior and determine what could be causing them to drool excessively as well. Read on to find out more.

dog excessively drooling in zion, il

Mild Causes of Dog Drooling

If your dog is drooling because of any of the reasons below these are mild causes of drooling and there is no need to contact your veterinarian.


Some dog breeds naturally drool a lot more than others. If your dog’s drooling is excessive but relatively constant throughout their life, their breed may play a part in it.

Warm Temperatures

If your dog tends to get hot easily, they may drool excessively on very hot days, even if they are not overdoing it. Some dogs drool on hot days even when they are just laying around indoors, and this is usually normal. If your dog has been overexerting in the hot weather, however, this may be a cause for concern.


If your dog’s drooling tends to happen when they are excited about something, this is also not usually a problem. This type of drooling usually lasts only a few minutes and isn’t related to any underlying health problems or conditions.

Smelling Something

Sometimes, dogs drool excessively for a few minutes after they smell something especially good to them. If your dog has had the chance to smell something unique or particularly pungent, this could be the cause of the drooling.

Moderate Causes of Dog Drooling

If your dog’s drooling is caused by anxiety, stomach upset, fever or dental issues, it is important to talk with your veterinarian.


Anxiety may often contribute to excessive drooling and panting in dogs. Dogs who are anxious and fearful much of the time may pant and drool frequently, while others may only do so when they are in the presence of one of their anxiety triggers—such as fireworks or thunder.

Stomach Upset

Stomach upset often causes dogs to lick their mouths, drool excessively, and pant. These behaviors are typically followed with vomiting or retching when related to stomach upset. If your dog goes back to normal after vomiting once, they are likely fine, but if they continue vomiting, they may need to see a vet.


Fever is not a condition on its own, but instead a symptom of an underlying problem. If your dog has a fever, they may pant and drool as they try to cool down. Take your dog to the vet or emergency vet if you know or suspect they have a fever.

Dental Issue

Drooling occurs frequently along with dental issues in dogs. Broken teeth, gum abscesses, and cuts in the mouth can all cause excessive drooling. If your dog has any type of dental issue, go to the vet to have their mouth checked out and to find the right treatment option for their needs.

Severe Causes of Dog Drooling

If your dog is panting for any of the reasons below it is important to call your emergency vet right away.

Ingestion of Poison

It is possible for excessive drooling to be caused by the ingestion of poison. Other symptoms may include seizure, loss of consciousness, and excessive vomiting. If you know or suspect your dog has eaten something poisonous, go to the emergency vet immediately for prompt treatment.


Heatstroke occurs when dogs become dangerously hot. This can happen when dogs overexert themselves on hot days, but it is most seen in dogs who are left alone in vehicles, even on mild weather days. Take your pet to the emergency vet at the first sign of heatstroke.

Heart Disease

Heart disease can sometimes contribute to excessive panting in dogs as well. If your dog has known heart disease and has started panting more, this could be a sign that the condition is progressing. And if your dog has not been diagnosed with heart disease but has some of the risk factors, panting could indicate that they have this problem as well.


Although rabies is not going to be the culprit in dogs who are vaccinated against it, any unvaccinated dog with excessive drooling should be examined by an emergency vet immediately to rule out the risk of rabies. Rabies is very dangerous and is untreatable.

Gray Animal Hospital Can Help with Your Dog’s Drooling

If your dog’s excessive drooling has started suddenly and doesn’t seem to be related to heat or to breed type, then you may need to take them to the vet to be checked out. And of course, if the excessive drooling occurs with fever, difficulty breathing, confusion, or loss of consciousness, these are all signs of a serious problem and indicate that they need to be seen by an emergency vet instead.

With the help of Gray Animal Hospital, you should be able to get to the bottom of your dog’s drooling issue and help them recover as well. Call Gray Animal Hospital at (224) 304-0668 or book an appointment online.