Why Does My Cat Keep Sneezing in Zion, IL?

If you have a cat that has been sneezing, you might be wondering when you need to take them to see the vet. It can be hard to determine when a cat is sick because they can be stoical and can also hide so that no one can tell how they are feeling. You will need to know more about why cats sneeze so that you can be sure that you know when to get your cat to the vet when it is necessary.

There are many reasons that a cat might sneeze, and not all of them indicate a serious illness. Sneezing can be the result of simple problems, or it can be an indicator of something much more serious. Knowing the likelihood that your cat is sick with a serious illness can be important when you are trying to figure out when to head to the vet.

If you are ready to learn some more about cat sneezing, you need to keep reading.

cat sneezing in zion, il

1. A Cold

Cats can get colds and influenza, just like humans. This means that the most common reason for cat sneezing is just a simple cold. However, if your cat has been sneezing for a long time and seems to be feeling worse, it might still be reasonable to take them to the veterinarian for a cold. Cats can get pneumonia just like humans, and they can also suffer secondary infections of various kinds after a cold.

A cold might be nothing to worry about if it gets better in a few days, but if it does not, it can be a good reason to head to the vet for your cat to be examined.

2. Allergies

Cats can have allergies, just like people as well. Cats with allergies might sneeze, cough, or have runny eyes. They might also pull out their hair or have dandruff. Allergies can lead to secondary problems that are serious, but they are often just a nuisance to your cat. You will have to figure out what is causing the allergic reaction and attend to the root cause of the allergies to be sure that your cat can lead a healthy life.

Cats can take antihistamines and other supportive medications just like people. These supportive treatments can help your cat feel better while you figure out what the reason for the allergies might be. Sorting out the root cause is important, and this could easily be food, environmental, or even the result of another medication your cat is taking.

3. Foreign Body in the Nose

If your cat has gotten something lodged in their nasal passages, they might start sneezing to try and get the item out. This might be something that will resolve over time on its own, but that is not common. You will almost always have to take your cat to have your vet remove the item that is lodged in your cat’s nose. Leaving something in your cat’s nasal passages for too long can lead to infection and damage to the tissues that can be hard to get to heal.

4. Sinus Problems

Some cats can have problems with their sinuses due to the shape of the sinus or other congenital problems that can lead to ongoing congestion and discomfort. Sinus issues can lead to more serious problems and should not be ignored. While you might not be able to correct your cat’s sinus issues, you will need to take your cat to the vet to get help with supportive care. Cats with untreated sinus issues can sometimes stop eating well as they lose their sense of smell, and they might also suffer from painful infections in their sinuses when they do not get treatment.

Sinus issues can be quite serious over time, which can lead to your cat suffering lots of other health concerns. It might just seem like a sniffle at first, but sinus problems can become a big detriment to your cat’s health over time. If the infection is fungal, your cat could need months of treatment to heal properly. Fungal infections are hard to cure, so getting prompt treatment for your cat matters if this is the reason for their sneezing.

5. Herpesvirus

Feline herpesvirus can also lead to your cat sneezing and having the sniffles. This can be a condition that is confused with many other health issues, and it can be hard to diagnose this condition in the early stages. Herpesvirus can eventually display many other symptoms, but by then, it can be too late to provide early treatment for your cat.

There is no cure for herpesvirus in cats, but you can provide treatment f you catch the condition early. This can make all the difference in your cat’s prognosis, and it is critical to rule out more serious conditions like this before treating for more mild problems. Serious conditions are almost always best treated when they are caught early, and you would be wise to ask your vet to rule this condition out when they examine your cat for sneezing.

Cat Sneezing Can be Related to Something Serious

If your cat is sneezing, you will want to go to the vet with them to make sure that it is not something serious. Cat sneezing can be related to something quite mild, but it can also be the result of a more serious condition that will need immediate attention. Sneezing might seem like it is nothing to worry about, but if your cat has a condition like Feline Herpesvirus, you will need to make sure that they are treated right away.

Your vet can determine if your cat has a serious condition that needs immediate treatment, and they can also provide you with solutions to help support less concerning conditions. Even allergies can be treated more effectively with the help of a vet, and you might want to consider sneezing that has been going on without relief to be a good reason to take your cat to the vet for a check-up.

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