Keeping the Scare Out of Your Pet’s Halloween

Halloween Pet Safety in Zion: A Dog Dressed Up as a Devil at a Halloween Party

Halloween in Zion is a frighteningly fun holiday for the family, but for pets, it can be more frightening than fun. This holiday poses some unique dangers to our furry friends, but all can be avoided with our animal hospital’s Halloween pet safety tips!

Halloween Pet Safety in Zion: A Black and White Cat Pops Out of a Black Cauldron

Tips for Safe & Happy Halloween

  • Keep the candy out of paws’ reach! Sugary foods are no good for our pets. Their bodies can’t break down sugar in the same way ours can and they often get gastrointestinal upset. To make matters worse, some candy ingredients are dangerously toxic to our pets, including chocolate and xylitol, an artificial sweetener.
  • Supervise your pets around the decorations. Many Halloween decorations can be dangerous if our pets get into them—candles, jack-o’-lanterns, electrical cords for lights or animatronics, spider webs, etc. It’s important to secure these items where wagging tails and curious noses can’t reach them, or if they can, supervise your pet around them!
  • Use caution with costumes. Halloween costumes change your appearance, shape, and even your smell, making it harder for your pet to recognize you. If your pet seems anxious around you and your costumed family, it may be best to keep them in their crate or in a quiet room for the evening.
  • Don’t force your pet into a costume. While some pets love to be dressed up, others are not comfortable with it. Try their costume on a few days ahead of time to make sure it fits properly and does not restrict their movement, breathing, eyesight or hearing. Also take note of how they behave in it. If they seem upset or anxious, it’s better to resort to a festive bandana instead.
  • Try to minimize scary noises. Some pets are more sensitive to noises than others. If the ringing doorbell, screaming children, and Halloween recordings start to over-excite or even terrify your pet, try to reduce their exposure to them. Sit outside to hand out candy instead of waiting by the door, and play and Halloween recordings outside! If your pet is still overly anxious, talk to your veterinarian about other ways to reduce their anxiety such as anti-anxiety medications, Thundershirts, and more.

Want more tips for a safer Halloween? Ask us at your next appointment, or contact our animal hospital at (224) 304-0668.